Our Busy Sunday

Today was a very busy day. We unfortunately didn’t have any adopters coming out to see the horses today, but it still was a very busy day.
Chester came back to us today as he started bucking off his adopter and they could not keep him anymore due to his bad behavior. Our trainer will soon be working with him and let’s hope and pray that our trainer can help him.

Deb came out and Tawnee and her evaluated horses all day long. The yearlings got their first halter/lead lessons they all did very well, they are so mellow and sweet. All in all they got 14 horses evaluated and much more done… It may not sound like much, but believe me it was. We will have more information up on our website and Petfinder soon about all the new horses. A big thank you goes to Deb for all her great help today!

The owners of the 10 acres right next to our ranch came out for a visit today and are very pleased with the good job the horses are doing keeping the grass mowed. Thank you guys for letting the rescued horses graze and play on your land!

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