Patricks Day!

Our new rescue! We are working to rescue 17 horses. 16 quarter/pony crosses and 1 BLM mustang. Their owner’s property is in the final stages of foreclosure. This “backyard breeder” was going to send them to the feedlot, but we were able to negotiate a two week “stay” for them, as long as we provide feed. If we do not ransom them by 3/28/08, they will be taken to the feedlot, and then on to the Mexican slaughter house. We must raise $5095 plus transporting to save them, so far we have raised $405. Click here for more info.

We submitted a grant today to the PetCo Foundation. The largest portion of the grant is for adding 25 stalls with runs to our current rescue facility and to help with feed and vet bills for the rescued equines, hopefully the 17 in the current rescue.

Jose was adopted today! He seems to love his new home with a lot of goats to play with and an awesome view of the Sacramento valley. If he can only play gently with the goats all will be well for him, but if he is too rough he will be coming back. Be nice to the baby goats Jose!

It’s about 10:45 pm and all the horses are finally fed and watered. It’ll all start again in a few hours.

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