E-News, Flats and Spring Cleaning

Today Tawnee worked for about 7 hours on the feedlot e-news, doing her part to raise awareness to the great need of these wonderful horses in peril. The HTML was very uncooperative and she had to redo it about 5 times so it could get sent. She hopes you all enjoyed reading it because she is sick and tired of that particular e-news. It was sent to 674 people. Let’s hope we can get the funds raised very soon!

Volunteers Kimmy and Annette spent a big chunk of their day here doing spring cleaning on the tack room. It’s looking really nice in there now! They’re doing a wonderfully thorough job, they’re even taking stuff home and washing/drying it in their machines at home. What great dedicated volunteers! They’ve also been cleaning stalls, water troughs, and other chores. A big thank you to them!

The truck had a flat, rock, and the horse trailer had a flat, nail, so Jason spent the morning getting those fixed. $4.09 for diesel now. Probably be $5 a gallon soon… We went to Berry Creek to borrow an old (mid 80’s) 4-wheeler to help feed. Those bails get heavy and it’s the only way with so many horses. NorCal’s 4-wheeler is quickly biting the dust… If anyone has one sitting around, even if it needs simple mechanical work, the horses would love a new ride to watch their hay come on.

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