First Vet Trip of the Week

The long time thermometer which we’ve been using since 2006 died this morning. Yes, the pretty red fundraising thermometer is buried in the dust bin of ancient history. Now a pretty green one took its place, courtesy of The fundraising is going great for the latest slaughterbound group, but we really need more help. Hopefully the Petco foundation will heed our cry for help with more pens and we will be able to bring them all here. We are currently at $1498.

Spunky is not going to be feeling so spunky after tomorrow morning. We took him to the Vet today to be operated down under and when he comes back he’ll weigh a little less and will never know the joy that comes from being a dad. There’s too many horses for this guy to ever be a daddy. He’s spending the night in a very nice stall at the vets and will be having his operation in the morning. We have vet trips planned for each day this week, so we’ll be seeing a lot of Look Ahead Vet for awhile. It’s nice they’re nice, makes it an enjoyable excursion. They give us such a great rescue rate too, it makes it possible for us to give the great vet care we do. We love you Look Ahead!

A brief rainstorm came by and kept the dust down on our trailer load of hay, but it didn’t rain enough to cause mold. Not that the hay will last long enough to get moldy…

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