Another Day at the Vet…

Yesterday we got an urgent call from Jose’s mom. Jose was being too rough with the goats and the baby’s didn’t like it. And, Jose had tears coming down his eyes from being separated from his friends here. All in all, we went up there and picked up Jose this morning. He was so glad to see us he actually got in the trailer happily. Hola Jose, como esta?

Then it was off to the vet. Come to find out, Spunky is still spunky. The vet had some emergency’s come in this morning and so Spunky has another day of happiness (?) left. We have to go in tomorrow for Crisco’s pre-adoption exam, courtesy of his adopter, so we will pick up the unspunkified Spunky tomorrow.

We took Dusty and Blaze in for x-rays. Dusty was in the last auction rescue, March 9th, and he was such a sweet and beautiful horse that we had no heart to let him be eaten. We could tell he was really lame, but we were hoping it was something simple. Come to find out he has navicular in both front legs and needs an approximately $600 (after discount) surgery. The surgery will relieve him of his pain and will allow him to be ridden! There is an extremely good chance that this surgery will be very successful so we are hoping to launch a fundraiser soon. This guy deserves it!

Blaze was scared to death of the radiation from the xray, she had to have a slight sedation just to mange her fears. Poor girl, she is always such a good girl, but the thought of radiation making her sterile (the vet told us to keep our girl 15′ away from the xray machine so she could have babies when she grows up) was just too much. She has slight navicular in her front right, and should do fine on Bute but we would prefer her to have the same surgery, for $400. Blaze must have been drugged at the auction because there was absolutely no signs of lameness that we saw. It’s sad when horses are drugged at auction because if the horse goes to a home that isn’t willing to help it, it just goes from home to home without any love. It often bounces back and forth through the auction, and eventually to a slaughterhouse.

Jose and Baloo were reunited and were so happy! Baloo was walking around whinnying so softly, and Jose was just king of the pen again. He had a dust bath in his favorite dust bowl and enjoyed romping around his 300′ x 250′ pen. Baloo was fine while Jose was gone, but definitely prefers having him back. Baloo and Jose really do like each other and they really would love to live together forever… Anyone with enough acreage and love for them?

Our current rescue is at $1930. It’s gotta go up! We only have until the 28th!!!

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