And Yet Another Vet Visit

We had to take some more hay out to the foster home and we were hoping to bring some of the horses back but were unable to catch any of them. Yet again they have foiled our plans. We’ll have to set up a shedule of having them fed in the correl, if they’ll actually touch hay, and then have the foster mom lock them in there for us. Too much green grass for them to be interested in some old dried hay or grain, and the field is much to big to actually corner them. They are all looking really good, it’s so great to see them healthy after their terrible ordeal with strangles. We thought Frosty looked a little different, but didn’t realize what it was until we looked at the pictures: he’s actually a paint! You can see the gray under his neck, he’s a grey and white paint. Someday he’ll be all white but for now it’s pretty cool. We took back to the pasture and she’s enjoying the pasture too now.

Deb came out today to evaluate horses, Chester only bucked her off twice. The great news is, he only goes into a buck when he’s asked to canter. Anyone want a walking / trotting only trail horse? Her writeup should be on Chester’s page within a week. Thanks for hanging in there Deb and for having the courage to get back on! We can’t thank you enough!

This afternoon Tawnee headed out to the vet for Crisco’s pre-adoption exam, which we highly recommend for any adopters, and Crisco is in absolute great health. Now we’re waiting for the coggins and then he’ll be off to his new forever home!

Spunky got unspunkied today. He was still sleeping in the padded room when Tawnee arrived so she had to wait to load him up until he was up and feeling better.

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