Tragic Tragic Tragic

Today Quiggly was taken up to his vet appointment to have his teethe floated. With an examination from Dr Weaver we got shocking news: “At this time the best humane thing to do is euthanize Quiggly…” She explained that Quiggly had no upper teethe, and if she did float his teethe, he would have no ability to chew his food and would most likely colic if he did manage to get some food down. He also had heart mummers and ulcers. She said if we wanted to spend thousands of dollars we could keep him alive until his body finally gave up completely, but it would not be the kindest or the most humane thing to do for him. She explained that he would only get feebler and weaker and would never have a good quality of life, and that now was the best time while he was still happy. We made the difficult decision to do what was best for Quiggly. We love you Quiggly and will really miss you!!!

While Tawnee was at the vet dealing with the difficult decision our governing body came to, Claire was adopting Baba into her new family. It’s really what keeps us energized to keep rescuing, even though sometimes we must make hard decisions like Quiggly, if it was not for us Baba, a 2 month old baby when we rescued her, would have been sent to Mexico for slaughter.

Shortly after getting back from the Vet Tawnee showed our available horses to some already approved adopters and they fell in love with Ruby and she’ll be going home tomorrow! It’s always hard having to function with daily routines after having to deal with such a bad experience, but it’s what we’re all about, getting rescued horses into homes.

Crisco’s adopters came down and picked him up today. He was so happy to go home with them he jumped right into their 2 horse trailer and seemed thrilled! We are so glad that he has a great home to live at forever and ever.

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