Ruby Went Home.

Today Ruby got adopted and transported to her new home. What a great boarding stable she went to, nice brown buildings and barns with green trim. Very attractive place, and her new family is great too! She has a couple buddies and she is settling in quickly.

Our current fundraising effort is going OK and we are very thankful for every dollar that has been donated, but we need to raise the remaining $900 by Friday! Let’s hope the funds come in and all of the horses can be saved.

Thanks to volunteers Annette and Kimmy, a lot of extra office work and data entry was done today that hasn’t been done for awhile. They spent a couple hours typing furiously and organizing paperwork. Our 2007 990 is almost filed and will be up on Guidestar shortly thereafter.

Balloo was placed in adoption pending status today! We’re excited about the chances of Balloo going to a great home where he can get all the love, treats and affection he deserves. We really love him, but it will be nice to have him get his own home too.

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