Trimming and Sweet Pea!

Sally Hugg and a bare foot trimmer student came out to practice on some knarly horse hooves today. They did a great job trimming, and we are so thankful to have Sally for a friend and for making our horses have happy hooves. She’s so caring for the horses overall well being, her care goes way beyond just making sure the horse is ‘good enough.’

Sweet Pea was adopted today! She will be a friend and companion for a 31 year old horse. Her adopters truly fell in love with her, during their visit Elmer gathered a handfull of alfalfa stems/hay and remarked “I have a bouquet for my new girl!” It’s really sweet and we’re so happy she will have a wonderful forever home. She is going to be transported to her new home sometime next week.

Got the hay covered before the rain hit thankfully. The rain should definitly help the grass grow on our 25 acres of pasture. Maybe the hay growers will start cutting soon too.

We added a new page to our website for auction rescues. The link is right on our main page,

Tawnee got 2 e-news sent out today, one for Feedlot and another for our main emailing list. That’s about 2500 emails sent in one day. We had to upgrade our e-news server, twice. That’s $21 just to send out the e-news today. We probably need to find a cheaper SMTP relay service.

The feedlot rescue is in the final stages. We must raise the transporting funds by Monday, please help if you can!

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