Wow a Busy Day With a Big Suprise!

Today started fairly uneventful, we were getting ready for a usually busy Sunday. We fed the horses, everyone seemed happy and content as usual with no signs of abnormalities. A new volunteer came out about 10:30 and began grooming the horses. About 11:00 some potential adopters came out to see the horses, and Tawnee noticed that Truffles, a horse that is waiting for transpotation to her new home, was laying down and looking odd. Sure enough, she had decided to lay down right then and there and give birth. The group of 10 that Tawnee was showing horses to had a delightful visit as they were wide eyed and tickled pink as they got to see Bello (Italian for “Beautiful”) enter the world.

Halfway through the labor, Truffles decided she had enough with this business. She is only 3 years old, and was confused and bewildered by the weird happenings, so she decided to get up and walk away from her troubles. But she was walking away with a baby that was half out! So Tawnee had to walk around holding a half born baby until Truffles decided to lay back down and get the job over with.

Truffles ended up being a very good mommy, and she and baby are doing great!

Truffles gave birth quite unexpectedly in one of our larger pens with about 10 other horses, and so as quickly as we could we moved mommy and baby down to our mare motel. If there’s a next time for your Truffles, please show some signs of being ready to pop! Jason had to carry Bello, but it’s ok, it’s not everyday he gets to pick up a horse. Bello is the first baby ever born at our ranch, what a special girl.

All-at-Once was adopted today into her new forever home! She is a lucky girl and will be very well cared for.

Our new volunteer, Rebecca, is a doggy groomer by trade, and she is now turning a new leaf and is now becoming our volunteer horse groomer. She had hair flying every direction today, and now our round-pen has a nice soft footing called “hair.” If Chester bucks Deb off again, at least she’ll have a soft landing! A big thank you Rebecca for giving so many horses a make-over!

Crisco is doing great, we got an update on him today. His mane is quite pretty!!! Sure is a great home he’s living at. “Thank you so much for our Crisco, he is truly a delight to be around. Kyla has grown more and more confident and Crisco has given her his trust. What a wonderful thing to witness.”

The current feedlot rescue is almost over, only $456 left to go!!! It can happen, please let it happen!

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