Bello is Doing Great and Animal Planet!

Baby Bello is doing great on her second day in the wide open world. She stays right by her mommy and keeps a sharp eye out for whatever is going on around her. She’s very attached to people as well and when Tawnee enters the pen she will look up and nicker. She likes sucking on people’s noses, a habit that cannot be allowed to continue into adulthood! For now it’s pretty cute… Maybe you’ll see a picture of it on the blog soon.

We were on Animal Planet today! We won’t post a whole lot of information on our blog, it’s all right on our website for your reading pleasure. We enjoyed the episode very much, we had to go visit one of our friends to see the show as we don’t have broadcast TV since we enjoy working with the animals too much to want to watch other people work with animals. We live the shows every day. They just don’t show enough dirt, exhaustion and muddy feet. We added a new page all about Mya, please check it out, the link is right on our homepage. It will give you more insite into her rescue and our perspective of the whole thing.

We have an update on LoLa “Yuma’s Jewel.” Her adopter says: “In the picture I’ve attached she had just had a bath. She was running, bucking, kicking and as you can see, rearing up. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. She’s had another growth spurt so we’ve had to up her feed intake.” It so great to see this foal full of energy, quite a contrast to the weak, skinny foal we rescued.

She was rescued from a feedlot right before being ship to Mexico for slaughter. To watch Lola’s rescue click this link. You Tube – Horses Saved from Slaughter Feedlot. LoLa is the little foal laying down at the feedlot.

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