Vet, Chester and More!

They posted some extra footage of Mya and Star on, you should watch it if you have a couple minutes. Click Here then scroll on down until you see Mya, the only horse.

Blaze and Dusty are at the vet now, we dropped them off and they will be getting their nerve blocks tomorrow to make sure that they are good candidates for surgery. We hope that all goes well and their surgery can be done without a problem. The appointment was for today, but we wouldn’t be able to pick them up until Thursday anyway so they are going to be done tomorrow. We should have a prognosis tomorrow for you then.

Coming home from the vet, we ran into a good old fashioned cattle drive about a mile away from our place on the main road and had to pull over and wait for a few minutes. It’s great living in the country where you can actually see real live working cowboys and dogs that know what they’re doing. It’s not just a myth you see in movies, but out here it’s reality!

Chester was adopted today into a very loving home! They came out to look at Nugget but fell in love with Chester instead. They will be working on his bucking and hopefully he will be a good boy for them.

With all the rush of the Petfinder show coming on we forget to let everyone know that all 17 horses were saved and the transporting funds were raised! Also, we have updated the “About Us” page on our website, with a lot of history and numbers, you might want to give it a good reading! Click here!

We have a video of Bello being born on Youtube now, and while we haven’t updated our website yet with a link, you can view it by clicking here! Let us know if you enjoyed it please! Bello is still doing great and is starting to get pretty feisty. What a great start to life.

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