On the Road

We noticed last night that we hadn’t gotten a Web Contact in awhile, and sure enough, our Web Contact had failed for no reason a month ago. We were so busy with the horses and all the other emails we failed to notice we did not get any Web Contact’s. We are extremely sorry if you filled one out and we never replied, unfortunately, we never recieved it! Our webmasters will do their best to figure out a solution that will never fail again.

Today we spent the entire day on the road from 6:30 when we were pulling out until 9:00 pm when we finally pulled back in. It’s been a good, but tiring day. 3 horses were adopted into their forever homes and another horse is in our rescue program!

Prairie and Spunky were adopted and delivered to their great forever home. Let me tell you, when we have 4 TB yearlings it’s kind of hard sorting them out in the dark and making sure we loaded the right ones, but we did it! Their adopters were so happy to get them, it is great seeing these poor young horses get a great home, they really had no chance at the auction as seemingly no one wanted them other than…

Our next stop was to deliver Sweat Pea. She is the new best friend for a 30 year old gelding, and they got along absolutely great. He had lost his companion of 30 years recently, and it was time for him to have a new friend. Thank you Sweat Pea’s potential sponsors, thankfully we were able to find her the perfect home! We do have other senior equines in our retirement program that need sponsors!

Next we were off to Pregnant Mare Rescue to pick up Phoebe. PMR has a lot of horses and we hope that us taking Pheobe in will help lighten her load. PMR was having a hard time adopting her and since we were down that way we picked her up. She is pregnant so maybe we will have yet another baby on the ranch soon…

Coming back we got really delayed. No, it wasn’t a cattle drive this time, it was a human drive of sorts. We like cattle drives better, and they don’t happen every day…

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