More Media to Watch

You can watch a great video of Mya at this Access Hollywood link. It’s a recent film and you can see how Mya and Star is doing these days. It’s wonderful seeing a horse that was slaughter bound all over the internet in such a meaningful way.

Finally got our horses back from the vet today. It took us forever to get there, there is so much construction and detours it was about twice as far. Their surgery is planned for the 15th, they will both have both front legs operated on and will be at the vet for approximately a week after the surgery. Let’s hope and pray that the surgeries are a huge success!

We got our web contacts working now. So go ahead and send us one if you want! If you don’t get a response please let us know…

Bookwork consumed a huge portion of the day. What a neccesary chore, shoveling poop is so much easier.

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