Busy Sunday

Today was an extremely hectic day all around. Pretty typical for a Sunday I supposed. We had no adoptions, but we did get a lot done anyway.

We took Pheonix out to the 10 acre pasture. He has had a long life and we are retiring him to greener pastures and a slower pace. We have absolutely no interest in adopting him in the month that he has been here. With his bad knee he is unridable although he does not appear to be in pain. He has been retired though, so if you would like to sponsor the sweet old guy, he’ll be on our retirement page soon! In the meantime, please let us know if you could sponsor him or would like to adopt him!

We finally managed to round up the horses at the pasture and bring them back. They all got wormed and haltered and we started them all on leading lessons. It was challenging working with Frosty, who has never let anyone touch him since he was rescued in November, any slightest touch would bring uncontrollable, erratic violent behavior. From his behavior we feel that he has been beaten, abused and tortured. It is not normal for a horse to be as ‘crazy’ as he is. He was attempting to jump over our panels (bent the top rail of one pretty bad) and other things.

By the end of the day he was doing much better, we got him wormed, haltered and gave him his very first leading lesson. Deb’s good! Let’s hope he remembers something tomorrow…

The auction fund needs donations! We are hoping to raise $2500 to save a lot of horses at the next auction, it’s one week away! So far we have $120 raised, which can save a life or two, but we would love to save a whole lot more! Please do what you can to help save a horsey’s life..

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