April 7th

We stopped in to visit our retirement horses on the 35 acre foster home, and they’re doing great and are very happy! Their weight is coming back nicely and they spend their days in absolute bliss. We’ll have updates out to the retirement sponsors very soon, but they are all very happy.

The hay is getting low, but it’s so nice knowing that there is enough money in the bank to cover the next load of hay, thanks to Michelle S who made an extremely generous contribution. And to all of our monthly hay sponsors, we couldn’t do it without you, thank you very much!

The auction rescue fund is now at $160, only 5 more days until we head down there! It’s looking pretty bleak for the horses there, but hopefully some more donations will come in soon.

We’re trying out a new watering system where there is a battery operated timer that is set to turn the water on to one of the pasture tanks every day for half an hour. The batteries we were using kept dying, so we had to try again today. Brand new batteries, let’s hope it works! Since we check it often anyway, it’s always nice knowing you can walk away and the water will be turned off all by itself. Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night to realize you left the water trough overflowing. Muddy pen, higher electric bills and horses manicuring their hooves with a mud treatment. Keeps the hooves soft, that’s the only benefit…

The horses here at the ranch are all doing great, they all pretty much had the day off since we had no visitors today. It’s nice they had the day off, but we really like people to come visit and take one or two home with them, as long as they’re good, kind people that is.

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