– We never thought we would have to become IT (Information Technology) pro’s just to help horses. We updated the menu bar on our website and updated our entire email newsletter system. Thanks to (and the $15 a month) we now have a fully automated email system. An email gets bounced, it gets deleted from the list. When you click “Sign up” on our website, it does it automatically and emails confirmation. Usubscribing is just as automatic too. What a great time saver this is proving to be! Now an email takes about 2 seconds to do the actual sending vs 2-3 hours. We love it, we hope you do too! We’re not IT pros yet, but it would help…

The auction fund is going very well! There are really a lot of very generous people out there that are willing to donate money to save a life they may never have the joy of snuggling with. We are all getting very excited at the thought of being able to sit in the auction ring and glare at the killer buyers and other abusers, knowing that we have the funds to save a lot of horses. So far $1190 has been raised, almost half way there!!! Please donate to watch the green go higher.

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