Fundaising Continues

– We now have a great name and cause for this auction rescue. One of the donor’s lost her son on March first, and today would have been his 51st birthday. His name was Joe, so the auction is named Joe’s Auction Rescue in honor of him. We are currently at $1630 and we hope and pray that we’ll hit our goal, or more, before Sunday! It would be great to have our thermometer overflowing. We would really love to make the killer buyers go home with an empty trailer.

You’ve probably noticed some changes on our websites, now links directly to our main site. By combining the two sites, not only will upkeep be easier, but people will be less confused as they visit our website. We hope!

We have decided to concentrate on auction rescues, purchasing the horses before the killer buyers have a chance to buy them. We did the math and since we can save 12 horses for $2000 vs 10 horses for $6000, it just didn’t make sense to leave so many more horses to die, while at the same time lining the killer buyers pockets with your donations. Feedlot horses definitely still need to be saved, but we feel called to concentrate our efforts on auction rescues at this time. Shirley is still strongly involved with the feedlot horses and she has chosen continue rescuing feedlot horses on her own. Best wishes to you Shirley, keep saving the horses!

Jason had to share the four wheeler this evening. One of the horses bumped another one and sent him up and over the four wheeler while Jason was trying to feed. First time that’s ever happened, he’s been kicked at, had hay bales pulled off the 4-wheeler, but never had a horse fly over the quad. Hopefully they don’t start horse Olympics and the main event is quad jumping… All involved parties walked (and drove) away unharmed without a scratch, blemish, bruise or even a too big of a scare.

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