An Awesome Awe Inspring Day!

The day started out with a wonderful update from a feedlot mare, Sandy. She gave birth to a very beautiful baby on Monday. They are both so cute, they look like twins! It’s so sad to think that the baby would be a dead by-product of a Mexican slaughter house.

We were planning on having an office day, waiting for Baloo and Jose’s adopters to come pick them up, but then we got a phone call asking if we could take them down since they were unable to get a trailer to come pick them up. After a flurry of office activity that had to be done today, we loaded up, after changing the 104th flat tire of the past 2 years. Sabotage? Probably not, most likely 8 penny nails someone with little fingers likes throwing around… It was so cute, Jose usually hates getting into the trailer, but with his best buddy Baloo in the trailer, he jumped right in happy as could be! It was 176 miles one way, we were just a few miles from Yosemite at the end, but it’s worth it because they went to the best home ever.
The home Baloo and Jose got is just awesome, their love and care for animals is irreproachable. They have a cow grazing in their field that is 15 years old, that they delivered, and will live out her natural life. Every animal that comes lives there until it passes away. We know they will take great care of Baloo and Jose! Tomorrow Jose getting a bell around his neck so Baloo can always follow the sound…

It was a long drive back, but when we got back we already had a nice update about them. We have had a lot of horses come through our program, but Baloo was such a special horse. With all his challenges and difficulties, he strived to be the best horse he could be. No matter what life throws your way, keep making the best of it!

To top our day off, literally, we are at $2655 towards our goal of $2500 for this auction rescue! We are over our goal for this rescue, but – the more fund that are raised the more horses we will rescue! We currently only have 13 available horses and have the capacity for many more, the more funds that are donated, the more horses we will save! We are capable of rescuing about 25 horses on Sunday! We are going to sleep good tonight, knowing that we have the funds to stare the killer buyers down cold.

A huge “Thank you!!!” to our supporters!

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