Friday Finally!

– Two days until the huge auction rescue, and with $4485 raised, it should be a great experience! We are so excited about what Sunday will bring. We’re so grateful for everyone that has donated to make this a reality. Tawnee’s dream for many years has been to go to an auction and buy every horses there, probably won’t happen this time, but should be close…

It was another hay day too. We were down to our 11 bales of emergancy hay, so off we went to the local grower to get another load. This is the first cutting of hay this year, and it’s cheaper now! $10 a bale for mostly grass, but they’re nice heavy bales and it sure beats $13 a bale. The horses seem to like it. Unfortuntaely coming down our hill (anyone that has visited will know what I’m talking about) the front 20 bales or so fell over and off and spready hay all over our driveway. Fortunately no bales burst, so all is well that ends well. First time that has ever happened though, thankfully it didn’t happen on the highway.

The birthday girl came out and brought the money she raised for her birthday and put it towards the auction rescue, and played with the horses again. She seemed to really enjoy her whole trip. Thanks for bringing the carrots for the horses.

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