Busy Monday

– Wow, what a day it was yesterday! We’re still trying to recoup from it all, the day was long and so many things happened. It was so nice having all the volunteers there with us. It really helped out tremendously, and it’s always nice to have moral support.
There were 53 equines at the auction. We wish we could have brought them all back to the rescue with us. The auction was over before we knew it and we had gotten 5 horses, 1 pony and 1 mule. 2 of our volunteers rescued 2 horses as well with their own money. We headed out to load everyone up into the trailers. We felt sad that we had not saved more, but the auction was over and all the horses were sold. We still had some money for horses. As we were getting into the truck to move it over to the loading area some people came up to us and said that they got a horse and they could not catch her and they were pleading for us to take her, they wanted what they had paid for her: $275. We said yes and now had 8 equines.
When we got over to the loading area and were waiting to load, the buyer in front of us could not find the horse they had bought. After a very long time it was finally decided that the tags had been messed up and apparently they did not get a horse, and the horse that was left was not the horse that the guy had bought. The poor horse really needed help and we were asked if we would take that one too for the price they’d paid. Again, we said “Yes” and now we had 9! It’s amazing how many horses had to be rescued within a couple hours after they bought them at the auction… Just imagine within the first couple months. The perfect match is everything, and it’s hard to get at an auction.
We got all the horses and the mule loaded up and we began the slow trip back to the ranch. Everyone unloaded and got settled in very nicely, and before long they had been fed and watered. 4 of the volunteers chose to spend the night at the ranch, and bright and early everyone was out playing with the horses.
The total funds spent at this auction was $3125 with tax and auction fees. 9 equines were saved, leaving us with a balance of $1360 for the next auction rescue. We are currently in the planning stages of our next auction rescue, it should be very soon. We’ll keep you posted for the 2nd stage of the Auction Rescue!
Thanks to generous donors like yourself these horses were saved!Below are pictures of all the equines that we rescued from the auction, we should have them up on Petfinder by the end of this week and evaluated for riding ability.

We also had some new volunteers come out today and work really hard cleaning the round pen, it’s now manure free after the 9 horses spent the night in it. We always put new horses in the round pen when we get in after dark so they can settle down without fear of them escaping. They are all now out in a bigger pen and it’s nice to have our round-pen free of horses again. A big “Thank You!” to Cathy, Brianna and Faith. In the picture they’re grooming the 2nd horse we got after the auction ended, he was literally melting with all the attention, he could barely keep his eyes open.

We also had some visitors this afternoon, they toured around and met all the horses. They also really enjoyed watching the babies play! They are hoping to be able to get a horse soon, but they want to be completely set up and ready when the time comes.

We must add the newest horse on the ranch. He’s a member of the International Star Registry, and he let us choose our very own star to name after all of our rescued equines. His coordinates are: Pegasus 21h 15m 23.57s 18 11′ 59.89″ for all you star gazers. Let us know if you can spot it! Our star’s name is NorCal Equine Rescue, now NER has reached the stars! Thank you so much for the kind gift Judy, we really appreciate it! She gave it to us right after the auction, she was one of the volunteers that went with us.

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