Another Auction Rescue!

The day started out with loading Dusty and Blaze and taking them out to the vet for their surgery. They put them in a paddock so they can move around a lot before they have their surgery. They seemed very happy and content there. We’ll keep you updated on their progress, their surgery should be tomorrow and then they will have a week or so of recuperation at the vet.

From there we headed out to pick up a pony who was no longer welcome due to his murderous tendencies towards baby goats and sheep. He would stomp them to death, he must have felt intimidated by them, whatever the case, he was no longer welcome. It looks like we might already have a home lined up for him at Personal Pony’s LTD in Nevada. In that case he would have a wonderful forever home and spend his days with kids that need a horsey hug.

While we were heading out to pick up the pony, we were coordinating our first ever volunteer auction rescue out of state. We had a wonderful volunteer that went to the Fallon Livestock Exchange (livestock auction) who successful outbid the killer buyers. We were able to rescue every single horse at the auction. There were only three, but the killer buyers went home with empty trailers today! We saved all 3 for only $676.37, or roughly what the feedlot would have wanted for 1 of them. These horses were saved in the same town as the feedlot, and there were 3 known killer buyers (including feedlot workers) at the auction bidding on the horses. Until we can arrange transport the horses will be staying at the auction yard. We’re hoping this Thursday or maybe next Monday, but the sooner the better.

To top our day off, Tractor Supply in Yuba City did a BBQ benefit for us on Sunday to raise money. They brought the money out today, it was greatly appreciated, thank you so much! We used the money to buy a great pair of Wahl Cordless clippers for trimming the horse’s. It will come in very handy! It was definitely needed, and now our horse makeovers will be even better. Hey Becky, our groomer volunteer, you are wanted and needed more than ever and we have a great tool for you to play with!!! You can really spiff them up now!!!

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