6 More Saved!

Thanks to all the wonderful name suggestions we received from the Auction Rescue donors. The following are the names we have chosen that best fit the equines. 581-Joe, 582- Banjo, 583-Hershey, 584-Oliver, 585-Chloe, 586-Ro-Ann, 587-Motey-Mote, 588-Tucker, 589-Paleface.
Today was a little slower in some ways than normal, but still very busy! We tried out our new clippers on Dottie, and she looks amazing. So much more comfortable now, she still had on her winter coat, and with the days hitting mid 70’s she was pretty warm.

Before and After, you can see why she we call her a “wiener” horse, long body but no legs. She looks a little odd, the newspaper describes her as a “cartoonish looking creature” but we really love her a lot!

We got 5 more horses and 1 donkey turned over to us today by Butte County Animal Control. They will be transported to our main facility once the donkey is gelded. Below are pictures of the horses, we don’t have a picture of the donkey yet. These equines cannot be adopted out in Butte County as most of them were seized and we do not adopt equines into counties they were seized in.






We got all of our available horses listed on Petfinder now, there are 33 on there, and they all need homes! Please consider adopting one today. Please forward our available page onto your friends that may possibly be able to adopt a horse! We have a lot of really nice horses available, we will have them evaluated soon and will have their riding abilities posted.

Also we are working on updating our adopted page (Happy Tails) and soon we will have all of our ’08 adopted equines on there for you to enjoy looking at.

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