Butte College

The day started off with Tawnee starting the evaluation on all the horses. Motey Mote did absolutely wonderful! He is in adoption pending status and should be going to his new home on Monday. There are still a lot more horses to evaluate, hopefully Deb will come down on Sunday and get caught up…

Some kind volunteer had placed a donation can at Butte College’s cafeteria “a long long time ago” and it was overfull, but unfortunately the volunteer did not put any contact information on the can or tell the cafeteria who to call, so they almost gave it away to another horse related non-profit, but managed to track us down. We haven’t counted all the penny’s and nickles yet, but we’ll let you know…

From there Jason headed out to take a picture of the new donkey, Gregster. He’ll be available after his gelding. He is a young guy, but he’s pretty big and really friendly.

Tawnee spent the rest of her day hand entering all of the adopted equines into our Petfinder adopted equine section. What a huge task, but it will be worth it in the end. Our adopted equines will be on one page, one huge page.

Also, on our available page, if you scroll down to the bottom you will notice a new area for equines in adoption pending or rehab. Now when an equine is placed into adoption pending, it will be placed there automatically. Automatic is a word we really like when it comes to computer tasks… More automatic, more time with the horses.

On the 16th we received on email from Tranquility Farm: “Dear Friends at Nor Cal Equine Rescue. The attached photo is a 7 year old, 15.2H, TB gelding named Black Jack Attack. His tattoo number will begin with E and 1 or 01. When we can find the rest of his reg. number we will send that to you.

This horse was claimed from his breeder and disappeared from Bay Meadows racetrack approximately 30 days ago, given to his groom. We believe this horse has entered the killer pipeline somewhere in N CA. His breeder is heartsick and will pay all expenses associated with the rescue and return of this horse. Please contact Tranquility Farm with any information, and if you could please forward this info to anyone who may be looking in the lots in N CA and elsewhere it would be tremendously appreciated. TB Friends already has the info. Thanks so much, and say a prayer for this guy. Regards, Priscilla Clark, Tranquility Farm” http://www.tranquilitytarmtbs.org/

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