Great Friday

Today was pretty a really good day. Our vet has been really busy with breeding and birthing season, so hasn’t had a chance to get much done for Dusty and Blaze. They are fine there, living in a good sized pen with shelters and being fed great food every day, and the vet donates whatever stay is needed past the estimate. As soon as we know anything, you’ll read it on the blog!

Motey Mote was adopted and left for his new home today to a very wonderful home that has adopted 2 horses from us previously and gives the best of care! They are a really great home, and any horse that goes there is very fortunate.

Tucker today may be finding his forever home. One of our neighbours is very interested in adopting him, she couldn’t help but see the beautiful mule across the fence, so she is going to foster to make sure he fits into her family. Generally we do not foster available equines, but since it’s right across the meadow and we’ll see him every day, we feel it is for his best good. Be good Tucker!!!

Have a a great weekend!

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