Windy Sunday

Joe has got a new home! His adopters were intitially interested in Elsa, but fell in absolute love with Joe and they are going to give him a wondeful home. Joe really seemed to like them too, they are repeat adopters from 2006, they have given Toledo an absolutely wonderful home, and they wanted to add another forever resident. Thanks guys!

We had a lot of volunteers out today, grooming, evaluating and riding the horses. And nope, Deb didn’t get bucked off today, kicked, bit, stomped on, or anything! One of these days we will get an interesting picture… Thanks Deb, Becky, Wendy and Melissa!

Tucker is no longer being fostered. He’s been adopted!!! Yay for Tucker, he’s going to have a great life under the ever watchful of us, since we can see his pen from our ranch. His new home is great and all their animals are very happy. Dottie’s pet goat even eloped and had a honeymoon over there it’s such a resort destination for our furry friends.

Jericho came back today. Jericho has progressively gotten more aggressive towards humans and Friday he had a mental breakdown and attacked any human that came near him. A couple people unfortunately ended up in the hospital. Jericho has been adopted twice, and both times he has been returend for agression, so our board of directos has deemed him unfit for adoption and he will be humanely euathanized before he sends any more people to the hospital or worse… It’s really sad to see such a beautiful, well trained horse develope violent tendancies towards humans that love him dearly.

We had a giant board meeting tonight, and have developed a more focussed mission for rescuing the most horses we can. Included in our plan was a discusison on euthanasia. We see so many horses that we would love to save, but we know we are unable to bring them into our program as they are unadoptable. Those horses do not deserve to be shipped off to be slaughtered, so we are hoping to be able to provide them a gentle ending to their magnificent life. It is very hard to see these heautiful horses be put to sleep, but it is better than walking away while they are being loaded into the slaughter truck for the long trip to Canada or Mexico. When funds allow we will be able to take horses into our program, give them love and kindness, and then let them pass on peacfully. Sadly, the fact is, there are too many people breeding horses with no thought of where those horses will end up in a few years, and then we have to make the hard decision for the right.

Also we are changing our adoption contract slightly, where if an adopter chooses to transfer ownership after the adoption has become finalized, they need to have the new owner sign a contract of no kill buyers and send it back to us. We are always looking for the best possible ways to ensure that our horses are best protected and are given the best possible care. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

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  1. Tawnee/Jason, I suport your idea on Euthanasia 1000%. The word Euthanasia means ‘kind death’ and I will be donating $$$ for your new “Last Act of Kindness”(LAK)fund. Those two 30+ year old mares from Roseville Auction are still haunting me. Watching those two trusting souls being loaded into the killbuyers trailers. I see those big soulful eyes every night. Thank you for having the courage to present and act upon this idea. It takes GREAT love and respect for horses to do this. Euthanasia is one of the hardest things for many people to face but you are facing it and embracing it and YOU ARE DOING WHATS RIGHT! The right thing is often the hardest thing to do in life.Thank you, Jason and Tawnee for having the courage and heart to do this. I will help you when-ever and how-ever I can, just call me.Judy W.

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