425 miles

– Jason left at 7:00 am to drive the 425 miles it took to adopt Kibbe into his new home, pick up the 3 horses at the Fallon auction, and pick up Cowboy, Nick and Copper Hopper, who doesn’t hop. In all the trip took 10 1/2 hours, but it was well worth it to have them all here to safety. You may remember Nick and Cowboy from previous years, they were both donated today back into our rescue. They had absolute perfect care and they were both very well loved. Our rescued horses are always welcomed, and encouraged, to come back if they are unable to stay with their adopters.

From Cowboy’s, Nick’s and Copper’s home Jason traveled to Fallon and met Kibbe’s adopter at Fallon Livestock Exchange to do the adoption so he wouldn’t have to travel any farther. Jason then got the 3 auction rescue horses loaded up and headed back home. What a long day!

Tawnee showed horses and Savannah has an adoption hold on her! While Tawnee was showing horses, Paleface got angry for some reason while being showed and decided that Tawnee was no longer welcome, and after Tawnee and her bluffed for awhile, she turned around and started to back up to kick her. Tawnee took off running, but Paleface managed to make 1 strike and Tawnee has a very sore rear-end. After that Tawnee lunged Paleface and worked with her, and ended up riding her, so Paleface wont’ get any ideas from Jericho. She’s a sweet girl, and is young and needs to learn her place in life. Humans are not horses, you can’t boss them around or kick them!

All the horses arrived safe and sound before dark, enjoy the pictures! Here are the three horses that came from the NV auction. The last of the previous auction rescue effort.

Here is Copper Hopper, our 100th equine this year!!! What a magnificent horse to represent the triple digits for the year.

Cowboy and Nick are here safe too!

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