Well it actually rained a good 1/2 inch or so this evening, but let’s back up to the beginning of the day. The showing our blog on our website thng quit working late last night or really early this morning. We have a new system, wonder how long this free serice will last…

Early this morning we loaded up Jericho into “big silver” for his last trip to the vet. Unfortunately Jericho had learned the secret that he is much bigger than people, and able to push us tiny things around with no trouble, pick us up and throw us through the air, and so he was unfit for society, after sending 3 people to the hospital over last weekend. We did our best for you Jericho, we will really miss you handsome guy!

From the vet we loaded up the five beautiful, gorgeous, handsome great looking well mannered easy loading great ground mannered well bred Quarter Horses that Animal Control turned over to us. We’ll be evaluating their riding abilities very soon. Gregster, the donkey, was supposed to have been gelded today, so we’ll pick him up later. Blaze and Dusty are still not operated on, the vet says it’s “$50 a day boarding, no problem” but no worries, she’s joking. With this breeding/birthing season, she’s swamped. She promises us she’ll get to them sometime soon. They’re fine and happy there, so it’s 2 less horses here…

On the way home we stopped to get our mail, and to our unbelief and amazement we had a package from Amazon.com. We’re too poor to order anything ourselves, and sure enough, it was a gift from a very kind person all the way over in Taiwan!!! It looks like we have a fan in Taiwan! Please drop us an email. Attached on the invoice was a very sweet note: “In appreciation for your loving care and noble work, please accept this beautiful and inspiring book written by Supreme Master Ching Hai as my sincere gift for the dedication and sacrifice of you and your organization. Hope you enjoy it!” A huge thank you to Loh Shih for thinking of us, we really love the book! It really brightened up our week. Here’s the front cover –

We had a previous adopter come out to pick up some brochures and business cards to hand out at her stables. Let’s hope it generates some interest in adopting a rescued horse!

We got a call from our retirement program foster home late this evening that Copper was not doing very good in the rain. Jason hooked up the trailer and headed up to bring him back to a nice warm comfy clean (thanks to our dedicated volunteers Annette and Kimmy who came out and cleaned today) stall. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this sweet guy. He’s getting older and has had a lot of health issues recently.

Jason got back around dark and still had to feed in the rain. Probably the last time this season.

Tawnee got the website updated and introduced our latest program, LAK – Last Act of Kindness. Click the link to read all about it, it’s midnight, I’m done typing for today. Soon I’ll be 85 wpm and I can get to bed earlier.

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  1. I read your blog with interest and found it because I was trying to find information about a strange delivery we received. We received a copy of the Birds in My Life Book with the exact same message you indicate in your blog. Do you know who sent it to you? You refer to Loh Shi – is that someone connected with the book or who sent it? Thanks!

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