It’s a Big one!

Savannah has a new best friend named Crackers who recently lost her buddy. Savannah was adopted and transported to her new home today, and settled right in and went to work eating hay. Her new home greatly loves her already! On the way Jason decided to follow TomTom GPS navigation, and ended up driving around on tiny 1 lane dirt roads for awhile. All is well that ends well, and he was only about half an hour late. The road did eventually lead to civilization, and Jason got to visit the historic town of Shingletown for about 30 seconds.

From Savannah’s home Jason went to pick up Mr Ottoman Empire, the biggest (maybe not the tallest, but definitely the biggest) horse we have ever had in our rescue. A 4 year old purebred Percheron gelding. It’ll be fun to put him up on the scale tomorrow when it’s light! It’ll be cute seeing what Dottie thinks of him. Of course it was dark when Jason got back, so the picture isn’t the best, but you can get an idea of how big he is, Tawnee stands at least almost 5’3″!

Tawnee spent the day updating the Petfinder database with all of our available horses. Some of them have more detailed information, so take another look if you haven’t looked in awhile! Or you might want to wait until they are all done. 36 equines are currently available! Spread the word, we need some homes…

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