Big and Small

Today we introduced Dottie to Ottoman Empire. He’s big, she’s small. She was for the most part terrified of him and stuck right next to us. He couldn’t believe his eyes, and certainly had a hard time believing his nose that she was a real horse! Perhaps a dog or a goat, but a real horse? Very odd indeed!

One of our foster homes sent us a Craigslist link that showed that Daisy Baby and Buttercup were being sold! The adoption was not finalized and this point they were not hers to sell. Our volunteer called her up and warned her that they were not her donkeys to sell and that they should come back to NorCal. She said it didn’t matter and she had a home lined up for them anyways. With a little footwork we tracked them down. Nancy had the buyer sign a “training” agreement as she didn’t want to do a bill of sale or collect funds until the adoption is finalized. This clearly violates the adoption contract: “The adopter must keep the equine in their care for the first six (6) months after the adoption form date.” In her Craigslist add she noted that they were for sale or trade. It’s really sad when people think they can get a horse from us and just turn around and sell it. We really aim for forever homes.
We were able to get our donkey’s back, the person that had them didn’t want to get involved in the middle of the legal proceedings that will be occuring. Daisy Baby and Buttercup have been placed in their new forever home with Harold, a donkey we rescued in 2005.

We let most of the horses out on the 20 acre pasture today, and they loved running and playing! We wish you could have seen it, it was so great seeing previously doomed horses enjoying life to the fullest.

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