Little Pony

It’s almost the weekend, yay for us! It’s been a long week with a lot of driving and working.

Showed horses to potential adopters today. Nugget was placed in adoption pending, but not by the people that came out. She should be transported to her new home next week sometime. Hope all goes well for you Nugget, it’s been fun even though it’s been a long time since you came! You’ve watched a lot of horses come and go, and you deserve the best.

Tawnee spent almost all day long updating Petfinder and there is now a lot more information for all the horses that we’ve evaluated. We’ll know more about a lot of the horses on Sunday after Deb comes out and risks her neck. Come on out Deb, we need you! There’s no risk involved, really, there is no risk involved to us!

Tawnee also does lessons on Friday afternoon, usually using our personal horses, but Oliver was begging with his eyes to be used. So, come to find out, he’s a perfect gentleman. He did great with the absolute beginner! He has a couple edges that need to be smoothed out, but he’s a really sweet boy. We know everyone that sees him in person says he’s the “ugliest cutest” thing they’ve ever seen, but spend some time with him, his looks do grow on you.

Have a great weekend! We’ll get recouped for the next week. Jason drove over 800 miles last week rescuing and delivering equines to their new homes. Now Jason has the flu and misery loves company…

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