Working Sick

Today both Jason and Tawnee felt really terrible, but that didn’t stop work from being done. Tawnee spent the day outside while Jason did office work. We both had terrible headaches, runny noses, etc, but the work goes on.
Most of the outside work got done thanks to Becky and Deb! Becky spent her time making the horses look beautiful while Deb spent her time testing the saddle. Deb got a lot of horses evaluated today, great work Deb and Becky! What would we do without you two?

After a long day of work Tawne came in to see something she doesn’t like at all in an email forward. Stallion fighting in foreign countries. It’s just like cock fighting or dog fighting, it’s often a fight to the death. The horses are bred only to fight. Horses that could have been loving companions instead are whipped into a frenzy and often fight to the death. People are actually insane. In the wild horses will bicker, but the loser just leaves. When people get involved, the loser dies. To find out more, if you can stomach such blatant cruelty, link 1 , link 2.

We’re going to try to get better tonight. It’s time for another load of hay already tomorrow…

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