Horsepower by Twine

Tawnee and Jason are still under the weather somewhat, but of course the work goes on.

Tawnee researched the pedigree’s and information about the 5 horses from Animal Control. She got shoved around to a bunch of different people at AQHA, but they seem cooperative and willing to help us get them registered if possible. Or at least get their birthdays and pedigree. All we’re really concerned about is knowing how old they are and hopefully get their names.

Jason headed out to get yet another load of hay, and our happy girls came out to volunteer again. Today was a very special job: Easter twine hunt. A little late for Easter, but still fun. Great job, that’s a lot of twine and it really needed to be done! Thanks for your hard work. Otto was surprised that people showed such an interest in twine, he only likes what it holds.

Another 72 bales of good alfalfa at $10 a bale for a hefty check of $720!!! At our current feeding it will last less than 2 weeks. We really need hay sponsors! Please consider donating at least 1 bale a month, would you really miss $10 a month? Thanks FOB’s for raising $100 for hay! What a great surprise, thank you!

We’re going to go have a creative brainstorm session about a very exciting program we will be launching aimed at 5-15 year old girls. More details later!

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