This morning we did office work, accounting, all the good stuff that is not why we started rescuing horses, but has to be done every day anyway. We started a rescue to help horses, but along the way we have learned to do almost everything that can be done in an office. Tawnee got Cowboy’s information up on the website, it’s quite a story you should read it. It’s on our homepage for now, under “Cowboy Needs Your Help!”

Reeves adopter came out and fell in love with her right away! Reeves is a really sweet, calm, mellow QH who will make a great trail companion for her! Danielle had come out last year looking for the perfect horse, and this time she found it! Reeves was big enough to pull their 2 horse straight load, but she got inside without too much fuss and without any pain to herself or others, except for a rope burn on a human “I’d rather get hurt than let the horse get hurt” says the person that got hurt. Our hearts always fall to the bottom of our stomach when we see a 2 horse straight load coming down the hill. Horses simply don’t like them. Slant / Stock trailers are so much better! We’re so Glad Reeves went to such a great home.

A very special girl came out and fell in love with the horse that was donated yesterday. Since we haven’t had a name picked out for her yet, she named her “Miss Milkshake.” She’ll be getting her adoption application done and hopefully Milkshake will go home next week! PS – Yes, Milkshake does load into a 2 horse straight if need be.

The auction is about a week away, our current auction funds are at $735 dollars, that should save a horse or two but we would like to save even more than that! Please donate what you can, the horses need your help!

We sure are looking forward to our day off, we’ll be updating next Sunday! This week has been just crazy and hectic. Next week: more of the same no doubt. Let’s just hope our kid doesn’t get lost again.

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