Today was a very tragic day! The kind of day that rips your heart out and makes you want to stay inside and watch TV all day. It’s the kind of day when it would be easy to say “I’ve had enough, I can’t do it anymore!” but we have to step back and see the whole picture and realize that not everything turns out badly. But first some good news.

Ok, all you Ottoman fans, he rides! Deb was out today and with all our praise and encouragement (and relief it wasn’t our necks 12 feet up in the air) she rode the little guy. It turns out he’s very mellow and easy going, he was ridden a little bit in his previous home, and he doesn’t care to waste his energy throwing a buck or anything. He’s very green but ready for some lucky home to provide him with all the training his big loving heart can soak up.

We evaluated Banjo again today, and to our great surprise, we could not detect any lameness in his back leg! He is such a sweet in your pocket kind of horse, and today he probably had his first ride. He did great! He just thoroughly soaked up all the attention. We couldn’t help but notice how nice he was looking these days, so here’s some before and after pictures.

We got on the computer and here’s his picture the first day after the auction 3 weeks ago. Sad, bedraggled and bony, with sunken hips.

Now he’s looking amazing! His ribs are disappearing and he is no longer sunken at the hips and he is getting an awesome looking build. He’s a sweet 3 year gelding! Adoption fee only $450!!!

Now for the sad part, you’d better either stop reading or get some tissues. Deb and Tawnee spent almost the entire day comforting, medicating, treating and caring for Laird. He was off his feed and lethargic looking last evening, so we put him in a nice clean stall. This morning he was down, but was able to get up and was up eating hay for most of the morning. As afternoon came he became weaker and weaker, and finally passed away this evening around 8:30. Being a Sunday all of the vet offices are closed. We’ll ask our vet what the cause of death may have been, his temperature and heart rate where normal. It’s so terrible to lose a young horse like this! It is really draining and hard, this is the first baby we have ever lost. Just terrible! Our hearts are really hurting, Laird, we’ll miss you sweet boy! We are so sorry you had to go through this, but we are overjoyed that you did not have to die under the butchers knife at the Mexican slaughter house. Instead you passed away with those that you knew loved and cared for you.

Nugget is back out of adoption pending, the transporting cost was a little too high, and Emmy is out of adoption pending too! We really could use some good homes… Tawnee got up early this morning and sent out an e-news highlighting Cowboy’s need for surgery. Thanks to a lot of really generous weekend warriors, his surgery fund has been filled and he is heading off to surgery asap! Thank you so much everyone! This really helped brighten up our gloomy day.

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