This morning we got every email replied to. If you think we owe you one, let us know! After that was done Jason headed out to take Copper Hopper home.
Copper Hopper was adopted by a very sweet lady who has 2 very well cared for PMU babies, and we are certain that Copper is going to have a great home too. He settled right in and was enjoying his new home as Jason said “Goodbye” and left.

From Copper’s home Jason headed to the ranch and shortly after we all headed out to the vet. There is an opening for Cowboy to have his surgery on Wednesday so we took him out there today so he could settle in and get used to his surroundings. Our other two horses at the vet, Dusty and Blaze, are doing great. Dusty is doing extremely well having just one leg having the surgery, but Blaze needs his other one done too. Dusty will be able to come home very soon, we will have to wait on Blaze until she is recovered from leg 2 surgery.

We got a great update about Yuma’s Jewel, now named Lola. She is doing great and was in her very first show, which she ran away with the blue ribbon! Way to go Lola! Here is the update from her adopters: “Today we took Lola to her first, of hopefully many, horse show. She was wonderful. Clipped, bathed and gussied up without too much of a issue. Everyone gathered around saying how beautiful she is, and remarking on how calm she was and how well behaved. Of course we were beaming with pride. Well, I was anyway. She took first of 4 in the weanling/yearling class. Then second of 2 in the open mares class. Finally second of 5 in the 4H light horse class. In a couple months she should be more fit and ready. This was a last minute decision and it turned out great for us.”

Here is a picture of Lola right after she was rescued as an orphan from the feedlot. Poor, skinny girl, it sure would be hard to guess in a few months she would be the awesome looking girl she is now, taking home ribbons. People really should give rescued horses a chance more often we believe!

When we arrived at the feedlot to pick her up, she was laying down looking exhausted. You can watch her rescue on Youtube by clicking here. She’s the first foal you see in the video, laying down. This is also the rescue where we rescued Laird, we’ll miss you sweet boy! We talked to our vet today, and she says it could have been 1,001 things. He could have had a genetic defect, aneurysm, the list goes on and on.

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