Otto really wants to move to Disneyland so he can play with all the kids and live his life in utter happiness. We’ve been contacted by Disneyland, and they are looking to add some more horses to their stables. They are interested in Otto, we’ll see what happens! We should know more by the 13th. They wanted multiple pictures and video of every possible angle. So Disneyland fans, maybe soon you can visit Otto when you’re there!

Anette and Kimmy, our faithful volunteers, came out and volunteered today. They did a great job cleaning up and picking up strings. Thanks guys!

Got an update on Gregster, now called Goliath. He is doing great at his new home and is starting to be ridden! Way to go Goliath!

Our auction fund is currently at $1480! We are hoping it goes even higher so we can rescue more horses next Sunday! Let’s hope and pray…

The 4 wheelers gave Jason enough grief today to make him dream of a new Honda, Polaris, Kawasaki, anything! The borrowed red one has a slash in the tire big enough to completely drain the air in less than 30 seconds. Can’t feed the horses with that one. The green one’s battery went dead because it decided it didn’t want to work, and in the troubleshooting the battery died. No kick start on the green one, so there it sits waiting to find a battery that works. Anyone want to find a way to get a operating 4 wheeler donated? It would be most appreciated!!! Maybe on the next one we’ll put a loudspeaker with the ice-cream truck theme song so the horses will get really happy when they hear it start.

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