Today we had an invitation to bring some of our rescued horses up and take them for trail rides in the high country, where the grass is greener and the air is cooler. We took some of the horses up there and by the end of the day Nick was adopted by the invitees, who have been previously approved to adopt. His only condition is that he must be nice to the critters they already have. Be nice Nick, you deserve a great home! It was nice to have a change of pace and actually get to enjoy being on a horse, simply for the pure pleasure of riding!

Thanks to a very generous donation from Kelly, and to all the other awesome donors, we are now at $2063 for the auction fund! Only $437 left to raise by Sunday to hit our goal! We’re still hoping and praying over here!

A few months ago Tawnee was interviewed for about an hour over the phone with HBO Real Sports about horses rescue, slaughter and more. We wondered why they did the interview and what would become of it. Today we got an email from one of their employees letting us know that there is a new episode airing on Monday, 5/12 – “Hidden Horses.” We’ll have to wait and see if they use any of the info we gave them in this episode. The following is their press release about the show:

‘Real Sports’ to Examine Horse Slaughter
(from HBO release)
The slaughter of Thoroughbred horses for profit will be examined by HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel in a one-hour show that debuts on May 12 beginning at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Correspondent Bernard Goldberg, who recently won the 2008 Sports Emmy for Outstanding Sports Journalism for his 2007 Real Sports story on the NFL concussion crisis, reports. He traces the disturbing journey many of these young and healthy horses take from the track, to auctions, to slaughterhouses, and finally to the plates of European and Japanese diners who pay top dollar for the delicacy. Joe Perskie is the program’s producer.

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  1. I watched the show and cried for hours after. I hope something good comes out of it like banning transporting horses for slaughter to Canada and Mexico for good. And also maybe more money into the rescue funds for these beautiful animals. It breaks my heart thinking about it.

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