The day started horribly enough trying to get Milkshake, who had gone down last night, into the trailer for a ride to the vet. We had to put her on an equine stretcher and lift her into the trailer. We arrived at the vet, and obviously there was nothing that could be done for the old (30+) mare. The best thing that could be done was to let her go to sleep peacefully, so we had the vet humanely euthanize her. It was really sad, it seems we have had a lot of horses pass away recently. Our vet says things go in waves, hope this wave ends soon!
On a happier note at the vet, we visited Cowboy and Blaze, they are both doing good. Blaze has had her right front done, and is waiting on her other foot, and Cowboy is still waiting patiently for his surgery to be done.

Dusty was able to come home with us today! He walks absolutely freely and pain free now, it is such an awesome part of rescuing to be able to see horses go from pain with every step to pain free movement. He really seems a lot happier now! Dusty no doubt was saved from slaughter, who else could want an elderly completely lame horse? But now, thanks to his benefactor Cathy, he is pain free!

Our auction rescue goal for this month has been reached to overflowing, thanks to Jennifer G, the very first auction rescue donor, has come through again to ensure we can rescue more horses! Not only Jennifer though, each and every one that has donated has played their huge part in making sure that horses will be saved this Sunday! What a great mothers day gift to Tawnee!

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