Updated Saturday Night, more information about Friday!
Today Tawnee sent out a e-news from a Mother’s Day Hay Drive, asking for hay sponsors, since then we have gotten 5 new sponsors! We desperately need more hay support with all the horses coming into our rescue and the high cost of hay. We currently have 22 hay bales we can count on every month, enough for about 4-5 days. We need more hay sponsors!!!

Emmy got a new home today, she was adopted by some very wonderful people! Her adopters are repeat adopters and will give her such a great home. It’s always so nice when people have a good experience adopting a horse, and they choose to increase their family with another rescued horse.

Jason got a load of hay today, but the trailer developed a flat tire so he had to rush from the hay place to get the tire fixed. We’ll have to get more hay next week! Thanks to Les Schwab in Gridley, they got it patched right up without charging a cent. We’ve had way too many flat tires recently, we need to find a big magnet and walk around our driveway I guess… It’s crazy, we expected to get about 90 bales, but could only get a small portion of that due to tire trouble.

Shya and Macy got adopted today as well! We really feel for their adopters, they had more vehicle trouble than anyone should be allowed to have coming to adopt a horse. They expected to get here about noon, but ended up arriving about 7:30 with a different truck hauling their horse trailer then they left home with. Made for a long day for us, but we’re glad that Shya and Macy were able to head to their forever home.

Banjo and Oliver got adoption holds placed on them today, after the applications are processed they should be going to their new homes!

Dusty is doing so well, it’s just plain amazing. He trots and gallops everywhere in glee in his large pen he shares with the mommy’s. He walks around with great big strides, and can’t hold his joy in, so he spontaneously breaks into a trot, sometimes a canter. It’s so great seeing him enjoy life to the fullest!


At the auction tomorrow, Sunday, any volunteers that would like to come help out and pass out Black Jack Attack fliers would be greatly appreciated! We’d really like to see this horse get back to his safe forever home. The auction is at Roseville Livestock Auction. Our truck should be parked by the entrance gate, there will be bags with fliers in the back of the trailer. Please call Tawnee’s cell phone, 530-370-4056 so you can meet up with the NER gang! Hope to see you there!

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