Auction day! Early this morning Tawnee and her mom headed out for their Mothers Day fun at the auction. The day started off with a bad enough omen, about 6 miles from our ranch, the truck got a sudden flat. Unable to fend for themselves they had to call Jason to come fix their problem. Once Jason got there it took less than 10 minutes and they were on their way to save some horses!

There were about 90 horses at the auction this month. The lucky 11 got to come to safety. There were killer buyers there, but since there were so many horses prices were lower this month than last month. Tawnee sat directly behind some killer buyers so she could keep an eye on their bidding habits. Watching them bid on horses, it was all Tawnee could do not to overspend her budget and buy every horse they were bidding on.

We loaded up all the horses, now they are safely back at our ranch. It was well after dark when we got home, but all the horses are settled and happy tonight. We’ll begin the evaluation process tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures!

Last but not least, Samantha and Danny were brought over today by some sweet people. Their owner was moving and was planning on shooting them if he couldn’t find a home for them. We committed to taking these horses sight unseen, it was a wonderful feeling being able to take these horses under the LAK program. Before this program was in place we most likely would have had to say “No” and then they may of ended up shot. Now they have a great chance to find a new forever home!

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