Today we spent time with the new rescued horses. We realized today that this great big beautiful Percheron cross is the big number 500! Wow, that is 500 horses that NorCal Equine Rescue has rescued and placed. Where would all these horses have been if Tawnee had just kept her eyes shut to the plight of horses everywhere? His name is being determined by the kind people that donated to save his life at the auction. He is such a beautiful guy, what a great number 500.

We are now mommyless and babyless! Chicklett and Truffles adopter made it up today and adopted them with their baby’s, Magic and Bello. They’ll have a great home, you’ll soon be able to see them on her website, http://www.firststepfarm.com/. We can’t wait! Thanks Michelle for giving them such a super home.

This is one of the horses that was rescued at the auction yesterday. Thanks to his freeze brand, Tawnee was able to track down his registry information. Just a few months ago he was racing full speed, winning races and placing high, and then he was just dumped at a livestock auction with killer’s bidding on him.

Really now, if you make your owner $112,267 in your short life, can’t they spend the $200 to have your humanely euthanized instead of making just a couple extra $’s and selling you for slaughter? If we weren’t there, he would be on his way to slaughter right now. Below is a racing picture of him, he’s the #6, and he won that race!

We got an update on Hardy today, now named Winston: “He is doing wonderful. Im doing a whole training program with him and he loves it. Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.” Thanks for giving him such a great life!

Here’s a picture of Winston when he was rescued. He was an orphaned foal from the feedlot that was going to be shipped to Mexico for slaughter. It’s so sad that young horses have to go through this, but we’re so glad that he was rescued and is now living a great life.

Les Schwabb is hopefully not going to see us as much. Jason went for a walk with his head hung low up and down our driveway and in the end he had 40 nails to show for his little stroll. 40 NAILS! Mostly 8 penny, some 16 penny nails. Probably some sabotage going on or even something terrible like they all fell out of the back of a pickup. What’s really sad is some rescues are victims of brutal attacks, we’ve read about a pipe bomb at one in Texas and some people broke into a barn and brutally attacked a horse with whips, boards, it was all messed up, the night before a big fundraising event. Then a horse trailer was stolen from a rescue over on the Ca coast recently. Why anyone would attack a rescue is beyond belief.

We got pictures of all the new horses today and hopefully they will be on Petfinder tomorrow. They are not evaluated yet, but we will have some basic information up there on them.

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