Today Jason was replying to emails, with over 50 emails coming in a day it’s a tough job, but people do enjoy getting a reply eventually…

Tawnee got brave today and hopped up on some of the new horses to evaluate them. With so many new horses needing homes, Tawnee can’t wait for Deb to do all the evaluation. Tawnee got about 5 horses evaluated, and sure enough, they are all very sweet and awesome horses. If any of you called today and the phone had static and sounded windy, it’s because Tawnee was ‘fielding’ phone calls in the round pen. Willy passed with flying colors and was very patient with the whole business. He stood nicely while Tawnee talked to Butte County Animal Control about a new horse we’re bringing into our program from them.

The Paso Fino mare is so incredibly sweet, she will lift up any of her four feet at a spoken command and hold them for you. She is very well trained to ride and is a sweety. The Percheron cross is also nicely trained to ride, and has super super great ground manners, and is very light mouthed. Alcon, the TB mare, is also very sweet and nicely trained to ride. Goldie, the Palamino, is not trained to ride but is a huge sweetheart and loves people and is easy going. Palamino lovers, here’s your 3 year old to train up and keep for life!

Another 90 bales of hay were hand loaded and brought to the ranch today. That’s $900 plus diesel. Our hay supplier told us that hay is going up to $11 a bale next time around due to diesel prices being so high. We’re going to look else were for cheaper (maybe? Please?) hay.

In yesterday’s blog there was a picture of KT Beaner racing. The picture was from http://www.racehorsephoto.com/. We decided to purchase a picture of KT Beaner racing, in the notes for the order we mentioned that we had just saved this horse from being slaughtered. Shortly after we purchased the photo they donated twice what the picture cost to help us rescue other horses like KT Beaner! What a great surprise! They have a lot of neat pictures of horses, and it’s neat to see a company support horse rescue.

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