Since we are way to busy to watch TV, we don’t have broadcast TV. We would love to watch Animal Planet, but really we don’t have the time for it, as we would rather spend time with the real thing and family instead. One if our supporters was able to watch the HBO segment on slaughter and the racing industry, and had the following report – “I watched HBO Sports with Brian Gumble which had a segment on the racing industry and how so many of these wonderful horses end up in the slaughter house. There were many graphic scenes showing horses being repeatedly stunned with a captive bolt which was being done here in the U.S. when the 3 horse slaughter houses were operating and horses being knifed to death in Mexico. It was difficult to watch but I am glad they showed this to the public…..people need to know the truth about the horrific cruelty being done to American horses. I’m sure that folks that were unaware of this were outraged and I’m so glad that this was aired. Also mentioned was the bill, HR 503, that is stuck in committee that would protect our horses from such horrific cruelty. Good for HBO, I will send them a “thank you” letter.” – Jennifer
If you watched it or feel compelled, please send HBO a thank you letter too! We are getting a DVD of the show and will be able to watch it too. You can watch the first part on Youtube, click on the picture.

Sally, our favorite farrier, came out today and spent some time trimming up Sunny. She was passing through and was able to stop by and see the horses. Sally has donated thousands of dollars worth of farrier services over the years, thank you so much!

Jason got a surprise phone call about 3:00 pm today, asking if he could be interviewed for KGO radio. At 4:10 this afternoon Jason spoke to the millions of KGO listeners. The theme was the abandonment of thousands of horses all over the country due to the high hay prices. Fortunately Jason was able to report that while there are many unwanted horses due to high hay prices, dumping has not become a problem in the Sacramento valley that he is aware of. Horses are definitely being dumped at auctions in the hope of making a last dollar, but actually being dumped on public (or private) lands hasn’t seemed to be happening in huge numbers yet.

Sunny, Willy and Alcon were put into adoption pending today. Banjo is back available again along with poor li’ll man Ottoman Empire. Disney didn’t want him, they said his chest was too small and scrawny for their work load. Seems big to us, but, this just means you have the opportunity to adopt an amazing Percheron! Thanks to Disney wanting him, there is even a video of him on Youtube you can watch, which can also be seen on his Petfinder page.

We have a new volunteer! Kristy will be doing the adoption applications approvals. Claire’s adoption maternity leave is looking like it may be permanent, so Kristy will be taking over. Yes Claire, having kids changes your entire life, we should know, our live has been changed 4 times over!

What a beautiful sunset we had this evening. It’s nice to see the awesome sunsets back along with warm (mid 90’s today!) weather. The horses are definitely enjoying it, even though they drink and drink and drink and drink… Dusty posed for a evening picture tonight, enjoy!

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