Today was very exciting! We got in contact with the owner of the 1500 bales of hay that was recently cut, baled and stacked in nice neat stacks 4 miles from our ranch. We are working out a deal with him, we are hoping that we will be able to get it for $6 a bale, but we can only buy about 1000 of it as he is keeping the rest. $6000 is a lot of money to spend on hay at one time, but this hay should last until October or November, depending on how many rescued horses we are feeding. Normally we spend about $1800-$2000 a month on hay, so we are hoping it will work out. We will let you all know if he says “Yes” at which time we are going to have to do some major fundraising to try to raise the funds to purchase it. We’re stepping out on a limb here, counting on you to help us with this remarkable opprotunity. This is about half price of what we have been currently paying, and the difference could go a long ways towards saving more horses. Be prepared, we will most likely really need your help! This picture is a stack of about 500 bales, we would be getting two of these.

Tawnee had an extremely busy day. She showed lots of horses, she was on the phone, but all of her hard work is paying off and two of our long term horses are in adoption pending: Bunny and Elsa. Banjo and Scarlett were also placed in adoption pending today. Tawnee thinks that was all, it seems like a long time ago we were hiking around looking at the potential hay.
After Tawnee got in from showing horses one of the times, she got a phone call from “The Journal,” a newspaper in Humbolt County. She had about a half hour interview, hopefully lots of people will be educated by the article. The reporter wanted to base his story on horses being transported to Oregon and then sold for slaughter, sadly to say, Tawnee had to tell him that horses are sold for slaughter right here in Ca, despite the law against it, but there is no one enforcing it. Sadly enough horses don’t have to be transported out of CA to be sold for slaughter, it happens all the time right here. We’ll post on here when there is a link to the article.

Part 2 of the HBO Real Sports segment on race horses and slaughter is up on Youtube, just click the picture. Again, if you feel compelled, please send them a Thank You letter!

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