Today was a little less hectic than most days, it gave us a chance to get a lot of minor things done that if not attended to become major problems. Troughs cleaned, horse baths, etc. With the heat some of the horses really enjoy a nice cool bath. Some just stand in utter bliss and others take off running like the end of the world has come.

We brought Bunny back from the foster home as her adopter is going to come up on Sunday and adopt her. Yay for Bunny! She’s been with us a long time, let’s hope she goes to her forever home Sunday. We took Levi and Nugget out to the 10 acre irrigated pasture foster home. These horses have had little to no interest from adopters, and they will spend the summer out there. Hopefully an approved adopter will want give them the forever home they deserve!

Phoenix, out at the foster home, is looking pretty good for an old guy, he really is missing Bunny but he has some new friends to fall in love with.

The quest for cheap hay continues, we talked to a local grower that has a grass mix for $5.50 a bale out in the field. That’s extremely cheap for hay, probably for almost anywhere in the country other than Oregon and Texas. We did the math and we need right about 2500 bales a year. The big key with this is, cheap hay is only available right now, and then we’ll be right back to $10-$13 a bale, and it may even hit $15 a bale this winter, so we need to get what we can right away. The more money that is saved by buying cheap hay will go right into saving more horses.

Have a great weekend, we’re going to rest, it looks like Sunday is going to be Busy with a capital B! Talking about B’s, Tawnee, founder of NorCal Equine Rescue, is having one of many birthday’s she’s had tomorrow. She’s having the birthday blues, after having so many, she gets tired of them. Birthdays come around so often it’s nothing special so she says.

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