It’s time for the hay to be moved in! We have the opprotunity to buy 1000 bales of hay for $6 a bale. Jason went down and got a bale of hay from both growers, and the horses definitly like one better than the other, so it’s in the works! If everyone could give just $6, we would have the funds to purchase this hay in no time at all. It’s only $6! Less than 2 gallons of gas. Less than a movie ticket. Only $6! Dusty definitly loves the new hay, he wants to see a bunch of it show up soon.

Deb was out riding, training and evaluating horses today. Thank you so much for doing such a great job in the 99 degree heat! Summer’s early, spring never happened, the horses are all happy and enjoy playing in their water troughs. Tuxedo sure is a beautiful boy!

Becky came out and also volunteered today. She really made Gracie feel really good today! She’s such a sweet old girl, probably about 40 years old, but she sure loved her bath! Tawnee was showing horses almost all day long. Elsa is being fostered to adopt. Usually we don’t do foster to adopt, but since her adoption application was still being approved, and they are only a few miles away, we felt comfortable letting Elsa spend the night at her new home. We are going to miss her, but we’re so glad she is finally home forever!

Willie and Baron also got adopted today and will be going home later this week. They are going to be pampered and loved on by a family that absolutely love them.

Wow, another busy Sunday has come to a close. It is such a rewarding part of rescue work to see horses go into good homes and people beaming with joy at their new family members.

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