This morning we started out with only $10 for the $6250 needed for the over 1000 bales of hay that we have committed to take and pay for this week. We would like to thank all of our supporters for pitching together and getting this hay project underway so speedily. We are now at $1538, that is 256 bales of hay that have been paid for. We are over 25% done! We can do this! Even if you can only donate 1 bale of hay, that would be a great help in feeding the rescued horses. Every dollar really helps!

Our goal and work today has been towards the hay fund raising, but thanks to a very generous donation of $300 towards the next auction rescue, this has gotten our wheels turning towards the next auction on June 15th. This time it lands on Father’s day! So, it’s being called the Fathers Day Auction Rescue Effort. Last auction was on Mothers Day, this one is landing on Father’s Day, so please consider donating in memory or to honor that special father in your life. Come on girls, donate in honor of the special dad in your life! Let’s just hope the dads appreciate it, they would probably prefer a new necktie or aftershave, but this is something new and for the guy that has everything.

Got a great update on Whiley and Freddie. They are both doing really well. Here is a nice picture of Whiley.

Freddie is certainly one of the most beautiful horses we have had. Just look at him prancing in the evening sunlight.

We don’t have TV, so a big Thank YOU! to one of our supporters that works at HBO who sent us an official DVD of the horse racing and slaughter episode of Real Sports. It was such a great show, we can’t believe the gruesome slaughter footage they were able to put on the air, I know it was no doubt hard to watch for most people to see the terrible pictures and video, but it really does wake people up and shows people the reality of what happens. It’s a real wake up call to our government to do something. When our staff is feeling overwhelmed and are losing track of the big picture, we get them focused again by showing them the realities of slaughter and reminding them that we are making a difference, and each horse’s life we save would have most likely been ended at one of those terrible slaughterhouses. Thank you HBO for exposing what really happens! We applaud you for it and would love to know where one can have a horse euthanized for $60…

We hit 500,000 visitors to our website today! Carolyn S was nice enough to leave us a message in our guestbook, we were hoping we would know who it was! 1/2 million visitors since we launched our website in Feb 2004. Too bad each person didn’t donate $1. When our website was first launched, it was white background, reddish font, with old fashioned black and white clip art of random horses. Now with over 500,000 visitors and over 500 horses saved, our website looks a lot better, but is still designed by Jason and Tawnee. Below is a sample that was printed off our website way back when, stuck way away in our archives which we pulled out for your enjoyment. It definitely humble beginnings. We can’t thank everyone enough who has supported us both emotionally and financially the last 4+ years.

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