The fundraising for the hay continues at a rapid pace. Thank you everyone so much for your generosity! We have raised the funds for 411 bales thanks to all the extremely generous donations. We were pleasantly surprised to find out we had more funds raised than we believed. For some reason Paypal doesn’t always email us when we receive a donation, so there was more than we thought. What is currently on the thermometer is what is currently raised as of this evening. Please continue to spread the word about our urgent need! This is the largest fundraiser we have ever done for feed, we really need your help, the clock is ticking and time is running out.

We got a great update about Cody, now named “Tory.” Tory is a Peruvian Paso that came into our program in 2006. He is still doing great in his adoptive home.

Here is a picture of Tory when he originally came into our program. He was just greenbroke and needing a loving home. Now he is very well trained and has all the love he can handle. We are so thankful we were able to help him on his journey of life.

Today was very busy! 6 horses were placed into adoption pending today. Tawnee spent most of the day on the phone and showing horses. The volunteers that were out today kept reminding Tawnee to get into the shade whenever she was on the phone. She usually just kept still so the walk about phone wouldn’t have even more static. We need to find a better system that will go all over our ranch. If you’re ever on the phone and it ever goes dead, just call back, Tawnee was probably too far from the office or dropped dead from heat stroke.

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