Today’s hay drive started off with gusto, but then petered out as the day wore on. Last night we had raised the funds to buy 411 bales, and as of this evening we are at 445. We need some help, please xpost wherever you can! Anyone you think that has an extra $6 please let them know of our great need. Every bit really does help! We must keep the momentum going. We can do this!

We headed out to the vet today with Sunny, Baron, Willy and Gracie. Sunny has received an injury, probably from another horse, and we took her to the vet to see what is wrong and hopefully get her right again. She simply didn’t want to put any weight on her back right leg. She is happy at the vet and we know they will do what they can to get her all back to health once again. With all the horses here we felt it would be in her best interest to keep her at the vet where she can receive the best medical care.

Baron and Willy are having their health checkup before heading to their new home, which we recommend adopters do.
We took Gracie to the vet, and the vet confirmed from her teethe that she looked to be around 40 years old. With her old age, cushings, and blindness, our vet agreed that the kindness thing to do for Gracie was to have her humanely euthanized. Gracie passed away knowing that she was loved and cared for deeply. She was groomed, bathed, given yummy sweets and basically had a queens treatment while she was at our rescue. When the decision was made, she was given all the sweet grain she wanted and Tawnee gave her a nice long massage then she passed away happily and felt very loved. We are glad that we were able to save her from the Killer Buyers and give her a happy and peaceful ending to her long life.

We were able to bring Blaze home from the vet today. Dusty and Blaze were very happy to see each other, here they are meeting over the gate. It was so great to be able to reunite them! They are both pain free and can walk freely now thanks to their multiple surgeries. Watching them be able to move without pain is so rewarding!

We received a new arrival today from Butte County Animal Control: Navajo. He is around 4 or 5 years old, malnourished gelding who needs a lot of groceries, love and rehab. He was happy to come here and see all the horses he can be friends with!

Navajo is very thin, his bones and ribs are protruding from his skin. His coat is very shabby, his feet look like they have never been trimmed, and he was no doubt infested with parasites. Becky, we need you to come do our own “Groomer Has It!” on this guy!

Today we got another mysterious Amazon.com gift. This time it is The Noble Wilds, a picture book about different animals in the wild. It is such a beautiful book, thank you for brightening up our office Tsong Long.

The auction rescue received a major contribution today! We are now at $2300 thanks to an extremely generous donation by Tina G! You should have been here to hear Tawnee whooping and hollering with excitement when the email notification came in from Paypal. “We can save a lot of horses with this donation!” Thank you so much Tina for brightening up our day.

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